Coaxial coils

男插曲女视频免费免费The inner tube with multi-heads screwed structure of the coaxial coil type heat exchanger is spe-cially suitable for heat pump system, such as water/ground source heat pump and heat exchanger for the vessel, because of its good heat exchanger effective, lower pressure lose and good character of oil return when use as evaporating,etc。



Excellent heat exchanging, the key to rely on the helix multi-head inner tube. Patent Number ZL200920353287.0

The helix tube has increased heat exchange surface area through changing length.The performance of heat exchange is rising as full around flow of both water and refrigerant along helix inner tube.

男插曲女视频免费免费Turbulence imparted by the convolutions to both the water and refrigerant flow for control fouling to be sink in surface. The net result is a highly effective, compact heat exchanger with superior anti-fouling characteristics.

男插曲女视频免费免费The water and refrigerant are converse flow to make excellent heat exchange effective of heat exchanger.

Standard sizes is conducive to saving space for nominal from 6000BTU to 84000BUT.Outer size: spiral, trombone,spring, double wound helix,tetragonum,etc.

The inner tube can be made of copper tube or cupronickel tube, copper tube is available in fresh water while cupronickel tube is available for swimming pool and sea water application.

男插曲女视频免费免费Extek coaxial coils are approved by UL & CE for use with refrigerants R134a、R22、R407c、R410a,etc.

The maximum working pressures: 400 PSI on water side and 650 PSI on refrigerant side.