It is widely used for air conditioning cold and hot water,water/geothermal source heat pump (condenser/evaporator) and heat pump water heater,etc.




New high efficiency shelling tube type heat exchanger is adopted with distributor to be liquid separating to ensure the refrigerant to be average in pipelines for using heat exchanging area.

男插曲女视频免费免费 The weld is done between the heat exchanging tube,distributor and accumulator with high pressure resistant to special suitable for R410A system.

男插曲女视频免费免费 The tube panel and tube box are cancelled with good reliability at low cost.

男插曲女视频免费免费 Product structure is solid with small volume for good cleaning and convenient maintenance.

男插曲女视频免费免费 The design pressure of water side is 1.0MPa,the 4.2MPa for refrigerant side(pipeline).

Refrigerant are:R22 R410A,Gas loading:H2O。